Professional assistance in starting,
running and developing business activities
in Poland, Eastern Europe, Italy and other countries

Professional assistance in starting,
running and developing business activities
in Poland, Eastern Europe, Italy and other countries

Consulting in the field of business internationalization

Our mission

ABF CONSULTING is an internationalization consulting company that offers its services to accompany companies in their commercial development phases towards new markets

The company’s specialization lies in creating marketing entry strategy processes that lead clients to expand their business overseas and consolidate the commercial reality of companies already present in these markets, through an ABF Consulting structure, rooted in the territory, which operates as an external business unit.

In recent years, ABF Consulting has been interested not only in the business development of Italian clients on the Polish market, but, above all, accompanying them in the processes of internationalization by finding a marketing manager residing directly abroad.


The industrial sector



Renewable energy

"Business development depends largely on the willingness to open up to new markets" - this is the opinion that has been voiced by many economists throughout history.

Our offer

  • Feasibility studies of projects in the field of business development of the company.

  • Market research and analysis in various manufacturing industries.

  • Researching the best go-to-market and communication strategies.

  • Preparation of business plans and assessment of risks and opportunities.

  • Searching and developing contacts in order to establish commercial cooperation.

  • Preparation of analyzes and implementation of production plants

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Supporting your business in Europe

Our partners

ABF Consulting has been working for years as a national commercial clerk for development projects with various Confindustri companies, from the north to the south of Italy, with Chambers of Commerce and Italian actors in the field of internationalization.

In addition, the company is constantly working on the development of the Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Industry in Poland, in particular at the headquarters in Katowice, organizing events, intensifying and promoting the relations of Italian entrepreneurs in Poland. The same activities are promoted by ABF Consulting also in relation to Polish industrial groups, with which it cooperates for consultations on the Italian market, as well as other foreign markets.

The main countries in which we operate

ABF Consulting is able to offer internationalization services for Italian companies on the Polish, Czech and Slovak market; it also cares about supporting commercial development also in relation to other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, thanks to the network of contacts developed in recent years.

In addition, the company is able to introduce Polish companies on the path of the strategy of entering the Italian market and other potentially interesting countries, with managers present in a given region.

The main countries in which the company operates with its own structures are: Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia

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